Contemporary Exterior Sculpture and Interior Sculptural Forms

The elements and evolved forms in nature are the principle inspiration for my ceramic sculpture. The representation of the organic form evokes ideas of the natural cycle of life.


My use of local brick clay continues. It is a material which has a texture and colour that I like to use without any excessive decoration. I am able to use this clay in a number of ways, my apple forms are slip cast, the acorn seat and the seating created for the Alcester Riverside Walk were directly carved and my most recent work was press moulded and hand formed.        

To complement this local dark clay I developed a form of Coade Stone, used extensively in the 18th & 19th centuries, to create my conker cases.


My latest work is made in porcelain and in a small scale for interior placement. I have utilised simple hand making techniques and pressmoulding to make these pieces. The porcelain is uncoloured and finished with a transparent glaze to enhance the form.

Pete Higgs - September 2012